What I do

I am the Partner and Attorney at Law at the international Law Firm INVENT.

I personally advise on intellectual property, technology (bio-nano-ICT), privacy and data protection, media regulatory matters. I do a lot of compliance work for the EU businesses in the US and for the US businesses in the EU. Compares to big ticket law firms my services are 2 to 10 times less expensive, while being of the same or higher quality.

I am specialized on the regulatory issues of technological and innovative enterprise, legal trailblazing and setting new precedent, including novel legislation and litigation.

Recent (2015-2018) legal projects include:

  • supporting the EU businesses in the Eastern District of Texas (US) patent litigation;
  • crowdfunding sale of stock on behalf of the EU businesses, using the US legal vehicles;
  • GDPR compliance implementation for the international businesses;
  • biobanking legislation (served as the official member of the parliamentary working group);
  • PNR (Passenger Name Record) legislation (commissioned by the Ministry of Interior);
  • enforcement of leading automotive brand in the Baltics (successful criminal prosecution of brand infringers);
  • managing consumer regulatory aspects for the biggest publisher in the Baltics;
  • dealing with regulatory and patent aspects of launching novel pharmaceuticals in the Baltics;
  • dealing with regulatory and patent aspects of launching novel animal feed biotechnology products;
  • IT services transactions (advice to leading electronic signatures, smart city and e-learning services providers in the Baltics);
  • Advising leading IT and tech services companies on data protection matters;
  • Advising leading ICT companies on copyright levies;
  • Advising Music Authors Society on copyright collective administration issues;
  • Advising leading business information provider in the Baltics on internet content liability, personal data protection and competition issues.

More info: [email protected], tel. +370 640 41048.