Consent Token

Token in computer science is an object, which represents the right to perform some operation. Consent in law and philosophy is a free unilateral act, which confirms someone’s right to perform some operation with respect to the consenter.

Consent is a token in the fundamental sense. A token, which imparts certain obligations, not just provides entitlements. Thus, consent is a form of unilateral contract between the consenter and third parties (or the public).

The need for consents is universal. In order to perform some operation with respect to the consenter, the interested party (data controller) must have a valid consent. EU General Data Protection Regulation requires consents in many cases. Consents are also required under the US privacy laws. Consent may be granted (accepted), consent may be cancelled, and consent must be verifiable. Records are critical for lawful consent. In most multiparty and in all public contexts this requires some kind of systems for standardizing and processing consent(s). The costs involved in the consent processing systems are substantial and imply economic value on the consent, regardless if the consent itself is granted (accepted) with or without consideration. The value is significant in large scale multiparty consent context.

The consenter is usually an outsider to such systems. The consenter cannot influence the system beyond granting or cancelling consent. The consenter does not share any economic value of the consent, although it is acceptable that the user is compensated through certain set amounts (arbitrarily determined by the obtainer of the consent) for the costs (time and effort) involved.

I propose a novel legal and technological solution – network consent and consent value sharing. Blockchain technology allows consent grants, cancellations and processing on a secure global network, eliminating the trust barrier between network members, and allows consent value growth and sharing among participating parties. Network consent is consent grant to all members of the network. Network consent would be empowered by the consent value sharing – a fairer way to involve and compensate the consenter, while maintaining the freedom of the consent, and making the process of granting and maintaining consent exciting to the consenter.

These concepts underpin the Consent Token project. The Consent Token is the first smart consent platform, sharing consent value between data subjects and data controllers.

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