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Ideological divide in intellectual property regulation in the way of sustainable creativity and innovation

Dysfunctional nature of the ideological divides has been vividly illustrated by the recent government crisis in the US. Similar crises have been quietly unfolding the intellectual property law for more than a decade. Radicalization and ideological entrenchment are preventing progress in intellectual property law and in general knowledge economy. Particularly it has been an obstacle …

Lecturing on the European IP to one the biggest law firms in China

Lecturing on the European IP to one the biggest law firms in China 2013年6月4日14点至16点,拥有长期专利实务经验的欧盟知识产权专家Mindaugas Kiškis博士接受盈科上海律师事务所高级合伙人潘晓宁律师的邀请做主题为“欧盟专利法律制度及业务实践”的讲座。在两个小时的讲座中,Mindaugas Kiškis博士为我们介绍了欧洲知识产权体系、欧洲专利体系、欧盟专利、中国企业如何在欧洲获得专利权保护以及欧洲专利审查和执行的可行性建议,并解答了多位律师提出的问题。 本次讲座使我所律师受益匪浅,为我所开展国际知识产权业务的律师提供了交流机会,深受各位律师好评,促进了我所国际化战略的推进。

Intellectual Property Rights in the Universities

My article on Intellectual Property Rights in the Universities, based on research I’ve done in Canada in 2011, was just published. This topic is direly relevant for Lithuania. Lithuania has very limited public resources for research, therefore it faces the double challenge of creating an attractive and competitive innovation/creativity environment within the universities and compensating …